Sergey Kondrashin is a dedicated follower of reincarnation theory. Thus, he believes that if in this life you have deserved good health, welfare & prosperity, it’s not a reason to relax, - everything can change radically.

He knows from his own experience that busy people are often willing to help the ones in need but they do not have a time for searching the information about the specific cases. When, after a huge success of his personal project the Calendar 2007, he started receiving at the official web site www.calendar.lv questions from all over the world “how to buy the calendar?”, Sergey didn’t know what to do. The Calendar was created as a present to friends & clients & it was not supposed to be sold, but to give it away to everyone willing to have it was absolutely impossible. Then photographer decided, that if people are ready to spend their money for arts, he should give them such a possibility – to create something new & this time for sale.
Though while Sergey is working on unique projects like this one, money for him is not the priority but creative process itself is. That’s why he has decided to spend all the money raised from selling the album for charity. He went to visit his acquaintance Peteris Klava, children’s intensive therapy department leading doctor of Riga University Children’s Hospital to find out what children there need most. He discovered that they need almost everything starting from the very basic trivial things. But the doctors of the intensive therapy department have an unachievable dream – new model of anaesthetic machine Primus that costs 30 000 lats. Kondrashin has decided that this is a good aim to achieve. 

For collecting this amount of money, it was necessary to create an exclusive ultimate quality product & the author did it. The album, that, we hope, you are about to buy is a limited edition of 500 numbered copies, created from the best materials with a high percent of handicraft & its contents is just unique! You have a great possibility to unite 2 in 1 – to acquire a rear piece of modern art & to help the doctors from intensive therapy department to save children’s lives more effectively.

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